Emergency plan

Care of A Patient Following Collapse

All staff are trained in basic life support procedures, with at least one member of staff able to use an AED. As discussed on pp. 168-70 in the Health and Safety section, exercise training for high-risk patients should only take place in a venue where there is immediate access to full resuscitation equipment, and where at least one member of staff is trained in advanced life support. When there is a situation in a class and a patient collapses, there should be an agreed and established emergency protocol with designated responsibilities. The following is an example of a plan of action at a phase III exercise class:

• A local plan of action should be established and adopted as the emergency protocol, where specific responsibilities to manage the emergency incident are assigned:

Role A lead nurse responsible for immediate care of patient, delegation of activities to other staff and responsibility for using AED; Role B staff member deemed competent in airways management, responsible for maintaining patient's airway in event of a cardiac arrest and assisting lead nurse in BLS procedures; Role C staff member responsible for emergency call and care of other group members.

• Plan of emergency procedures and appropriate telephone numbers should be displayed in exercise area.

• Hospital crash call or ambulance emergency services (as appropriate) should be advised of the exercise session times/venue in case a call is required.

• Documentation should include a record that regular checks of emergency equipment have been conducted.

• Incident and accident forms should be available and completed, as appropriate.

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