Equipment And Care

The type of equipment needed for an out-patient CR service will vary considerably, depending on the style and scale of the exercise programme, i.e. use of gym equipment or circuit design, with or without music, and whether educational or relaxation sessions are included in the programme. The exercise leader may wish to have stock items, such as stopwatch, whistle, exercise instruction and demonstration cards, music (or voice microphone, as appropriate) and heart rate monitors for assessing exercise heart rate.

Emergency and first aid equipment are statutory requirements and should include:

• automated external defibrillator (AED);

• airway adjuncts, e.g. pocket mask or self-inflating bag valve mask (oxygen/face mask may be available to assist handbag ventilation procedure);

• blood pressure monitor;

• stethoscope, wipes and sterile gloves;

• first aid equipment, e.g. ice packs and bandages;

• glucose supplements;

• GTN spray (for use in accordance with local protocol).

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