Exercise Leadership In Cardiac Rehabilitation

The benefits of cardiac rehabilitation are now well established in a wide range of patients with cardiac disease. A cardiac rehabilitation programme is a vehicle for the delivery of holistic secondary prevention and could be considered as one method of chronic disease management. This includes risk factor modification, prescription of appropriate medication and health behaviour change. It therefore consists of a series of evidenced based interventions designed to optimise these outcome for patients. Although several meta analysis have shown mortality benefits from exercise based cardiac rehabilitation programmes, the evaluation of modern programmes should focus on the outcomes described above and hospital re-admission. Cardiac rehabilitation programmes should be tailored to the individual needs of the patient and extended to the broader group of cardiac patients a step change in their condition. Programmes must deliver evidence based practise and adhere to national guidelines. However research and development should be encouraged and supported. Audit of cardiac rehabilitation programmes, using nationally agreed datasets is essential to measure outcomes, inform programme development and secure resources.

This book entitled Exercise Leadership in Cardiac Rehabilitation is a comprehensive account of the exercise component of health behaviour change within cardiac rehabilitation. It is written by clinicians for clinicians and contains a practical guide to exercise prescription. The book will be invaluable to clinicians involved in cardiac rehabilitation and will facilitate programme development.

By Dr Paul.D.MacIntyre Consultant Cardiologist RAH

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