Functional capacity

Functional capacity has been reported to be a powerful prognostic indicator (Chang and Froelicher, 1994; Myers, et al., 2000; Kavanagh, et al, 2002). Kavanagh, et al. (2002) analysed data in an extensive cohort of 12169 male coronary patients, and Myers, et al. (2002) studied 6213 men.

In both studies, in individuals both with and without CHD, peak exercise capacity was shown to be the most important predictor of prognosis and risk of subsequent death, having greater significance than other risk factors, such as smoking, diabetes and hypertension. Myers, et al. (2002) also found it to be a stronger predictor than other measures recorded during an exercise test, e.g. arrhythmia, ST-segment depression or peak heart rate.

A one MET (metabolic equivalents increase in exercise capacity (peak VO2) can improve survival by 12% (Myers, et al., 2002), and an even more modest 1 (0.28 of a MET) can improve survival by 9% (Kavanagh, et al., 2002).

In a 1991 review of the literature, Morris, et al. (1991) concluded that an exercise capacity of <6METs indicates higher mortality, a theory also advocated by the 'big four' American Associations in their risk tables. Myers, et al. (2002) found that 5METs distinguished between better and poorer survival rates, with those at <5 METs being at double the risk of all-cause mortality than those with >8 METs.

The majority of the studies reviewed by Morris, et al. (1991) made no adjustment for other factors which may have a direct bearing on exercise capacity, including the influence of non-cardiac co-morbidity on mortality.

Nonetheless, exercise capacity has shown itself to be clinically significant, and should be a core component of both the pre- and post-rehabilitation assessment (ACPICR, 1999; SIGN, 2002).

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