Positioning And Forecasting The Class

The leader should announce that the class is starting. As the leader, you should position and arrange participants to where you want them to start. There should be between 1.8 and 2.3 m2 of space per participant for aerobic activity, and a minimum of 0.6 m2 of space for each individual using exercise equipment. This ensures that there is sufficient space for each CR exerciser. In addition, good spacing will let the exercise leader and assistants best observe participants. If the class is exercising as a group in a free aerobic of activity, it is better to position new people further back. This gives them visual cues from the seasoned class members exercising in front of them. It can also be useful for the exercise leader to stand on a raised platform and check to make certain that the class can see.

Forecasting the class is important, as this is the official start of the class. The forecast is a short section of approximately two to three minutes. The forecast serves many functions:

• sets the atmosphere;

• introduces new members;

• informs on the content of the session and any post-class activities, e.g. talks;

• reminds group of self-monitoring using RPE, breathing perception, etc.;

• reminds group of potential symptoms and actions to be taken.

The following is an example of a class forecast:

Good morning everyone. I am looking forward to our class together. I would like to introduce Frank and Mary who are joining us for their first class. There will be an opportunity to meet them after today's class during tea and coffee. This will be after the talk on healthy eating in the lecture room at 11.30 am.

This morning's class will start with our warm-up to prepare us for our circuit session, followed by our cool-down and stretching. Remember to work in your own comfort zone and Borg exercise level, and that you should be able to talk as you exercise. If at any time you feel any symptoms or become breathless, ease off and report to one of the team. There is water available in this corner. Can you all find a space and make sure you can see me. Can you all see me? Frank and Mary would you like to go to the back beside Fred? We will now start the warm-up.

Once the forecast is complete the exercise leader announces the start of the warm-up.

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