Prior to the exercise class

It is the responsibility of the clinical exercise leader to meet with the team and ensure that they have had an opportunity to:

• Review and approve clinical information for new patients, to ensure there is

- adequate information to risk-stratify patient and set exercise prescription;

- consent for exercise from medical staff, with any contraindications agreed and noted;

- a review of patient's CR goals, convalescence activity to date and level of physical activity prior to cardiac event;

• Review exercise prescription, clinical status, physical activity goals for current patients and set or revise activity plan as appropriate;

• Collate and review the exercise summary sheet for the patient group to

- summarise key patient clinical information relating to exercise prescription, e.g. risk stratification, medication, symptoms, resting heart rate and blood pressure;

- group patients, identifying staff-to-patient supervision ratio and responsibilities at session;

• Identify additional staff responsibilities at session for

- introduction of new recruit;

- individual patient exercise test assessment;

- responsibilities for supporting partners present;

- mentoring and supervising students or visitors to programme;

• Prepare venue (see Health and Safety section, pp. 168-70)

- check exercise, emergency and first aid equipment;

- ensure access and exit points clear; floor/room space adequate, tidy and safe;

- supply drinking water and emergency glucose drinks and supplements;

- ensure appropriate room ventilation, temperature and lighting; music set-up, as required;

- provide partner seating and private area for individual consultation.

(Dalgleish and Dollery, 2001).

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