Pulseraising exercises

Pulse-raising exercises should gradually increase heart rate and blood flow to the active muscles. Pulse-raising exercises involve rhythmic moves, initially of the lower limbs (e.g. marching on the spot, walking forwards and backward, sidestepping, rear step-backs, etc.). These exercises work the large muscle groups aerobically and are performed at a low intensity (i.e. below training heart rate at an RPE < 11 on the original 6-20 scale or <3 on the modified 0-10 scale). Pulse-raising exercises should be arranged so that there is good transition from one move to the next, so that the exercises flow into one another smoothly. All the moves in the warm-up should be simple to follow and involve minimal skill. Since arm work creates a greater increase in heart rate than leg work, during the warm-up, short lever unilateral movements of the upper limbs are preferred (e.g. shoulder abduction with elbows flexed).

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