Repeat Exercise Consultations

Some of the studies evaluating the effectiveness of the exercise consultation have used a repeat exercise consultation at six months. If individuals attend repeat consultations, information recorded during the first exercise consultation should be reviewed. For example, participants should be asked if they achieved the activity goals set during the previous consultation. If clients did not achieve their goals, then the reasons for this should be explored and new goals set. For example, did they encounter any barriers to activity or risky situations that caused a lapse or relapse from activity? Assessing the individuals' current activity levels and comparing them to the first activity assessment can inform individuals if their activity levels have increased, been maintained or declined over the past six months. Individuals who have increased their activity or remained regularly active should be praised for their achievements. However, barriers to activity, problem solving, goal setting and relapse prevention strategies should be discussed with all individuals to ensure they have acquired the necessary skills to help them remain active in the future.

Phone calls can also be used to provide individuals with support for remaining active after an initial exercise consultation. The information recorded during the exercise consultation should be used to guide the phone calls. The phone call may involve discussing any problems the individuals are experiencing in achieving their activity goals, attending community exercise programmes and remaining active.

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