Stage two

The second stage targets adults who are already achieving stage one. In addition to the more active lifestyle in stage two, there is a need for these individuals to achieve exercise overload. The exercise prescription for these individuals must be at a higher intensity, with longer duration of continuous or intermittent activity. A frequency of three to five times per week is advocated for these patients (Pollock, et al, 1998).

Exercise prescribers can motivate sedentary individuals to initiate and accumulate activity into their lifestyle by using stage one. By targeting patients who already engage in an active lifestyle, exercise prescribers can introduce new activities, integrate the FITT principles and encourage long-term adherence to exercise. Cardiac rehabilitation structured exercise classes will provide an ideal method to deliver exercise to these individuals. They may present with a variety of self-motivating and limiting factors and differing experiences of exercise. It is the role and responsibility of the exercise leader and CR team to work in partnership with the patient and family to prescribe and deliver a safe, effective and enjoyable experience of both activity and exercise.

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