Training in exercise consultation

Examples of training in exercise consultation have been included in two postgraduate courses for health professionals involved in delivering cardiac rehabilitation services; the first of these is the Rehabilitation in Cardiology at Glasgow Caledonian University aimed at specialist nurses, physiotherapists and other members of the health care team delivering phases I to III CR programmes. The training involves a three-hour lecture on theories of exercise behaviour change, counselling skills and strategies required to deliver the intervention. In the second course, MSc module in Cardiac Rehabilitation for Physiotherapists, there is also a four-hour practical session, where the students have the opportunity to practise the exercise consultation process with cardiac patients.

The exercise consultation has been incorporated into the British Association of Cardiac Rehabilitation (BACR) phase IV training course (Bell, 2000). This course trains exercise instructors to deliver phase IV maintenance exercise programmes in the community for cardiac rehabilitation patients. This course involves a two-hour lecture on theories of exercise behaviour change and the exercise consultation process. In November 2004, the British Association of Sport and Exercise Science (BASES) provided a one-day workshop on physical activity counselling in general and clinical populations, and it is hoped that this workshop will be repeated in the future. Exercise consultation is also taught in several undergraduate and postgraduate Sport and Exercise Science degrees in the UK.

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