Venue equipment and environment

9. Ensure that adequate accident and injury insurance cover is in place to conduct an exercise group if the venue is outside hospital premises.

10. Ensure that access points to the venue are safe and unobstructed, with emergency exits clearly signed and fire evacuation procedures in place.

11. Ensure that toilets and changing facilities have an emergency call system in place.

12. Check that the venue lighting, floor surface and room space are safe and appropriate, allowing adequate space for a free exercise area, safe placement of equipment and patient traffic around the exercise room (Tharrett and Peterson, 1997; AACVPR, 2004). Specifically, there should be floor space for aerobic exercise per patient of 1.8-2.3 m2, and 0.6 m2 of space per individual using equipment.

13. CR staff should conduct regular checks on all emergency, first aid, exercise, BP and HR monitoring machines and audio-visual aid equipment. CR staff are responsible for equipment maintenance procedures and for reporting any problems and faults.

14. Temperature and ventilation of the exercise room should be within acknowledged guidelines, so as to avoid potential health risks imposed by heat stress or a cold environment (ACSM, 2000). Specifically, temperature should be maintained at 18-23° C (65-72°F), and humidity at 65% (AACVPR, 2004).

15. Drinking water and glucose drinks or supplements should be available at all times.

16. The facility should provide for confidentiality of patients' records and a private area for confidential patient consultation, if required.

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