Which Rpe Scale Should I

Without going into the detail of the psycho-physics of rating perceived exertion, the RPE (6 to 20) scale was mainly developed around the use of whole body aerobic-type exercise. The CR-10 scale was developed to focus more on rating individual or differentiated perceptions of strain, exertion or pain. Hence, if localised muscle fatigue, pain or breathlessness is the overriding sensation, the CR-10 scale should be used.These more localised and concentrated sensations correspond to an accelerating curvilinear response; e.g. breathless-ness grows at a faster rate than does each increment in the stimulus (e.g. exercise workrate). The CR-10 may be the scale of choice with breathless patients. The RPE (6 to 20) is advised in CR because it is moderate submaximal exercise, where muscle and breathing sensations respond in an almost parallel fashion to the exercise stimulus, unlike exercising at higher intensities.

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