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Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and Fibromyalgia Recovery

Based on remarkable new breakthroughs in Metabolic Cardiology, and Mitochondrial Research, a revolutionary treatment strategy which works synergistically to rebuild and recharge the body's broken fuel cells. Metabolic and cardiac research that proves that you have a real organic illness and how the very name and classification of these diseases may need to change. Discover the Mitochondria, the body's own battery cells, what they are, why they are so important, why they are failing, and what you can do to stop and reverse the damage. Find out what has happened to your body's energy production at a cellular level and what you can do to restore cellular energy production. Why the trigger infection or chemical exposure is NO Longer the cause of your Fibromyalgia and Cfs pain. Hear in detail about the different stages of your illness. The downward spiral and the road to recovery. What exactly has happened to your brain, your autonomic nervous, endocrine and immune systems and what you can do about it. Finally, the specific multi supplement regime which taken in combination will work to rebuild your bodies broken fuel cells and restart cellular energy production, reversing the genetic damage to your Dna and turning your condition around. More here...

Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and Fibromyalgia Recovery Summary


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Chronic Fatigue Syndrome Solution Summary

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Get Your Health Back Summary

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Fatigue Pain and Anemia

Cancer-related fatigue is defined as an unusual, persistent, subjective sense of tiredness related to cancer or cancer treatment that interferes with usual functioning. It can occur during active cancer treatment and it can persist long after treatment has ended. The causes are myriad and overlap considerably with those that can cause cognitive disorders. Fatigue may be physical in that the person has very little stamina or energy to perform usual activities. Fatigue can also be mental. Similar to patients with cognitive dysfunction, patients who suffer from mental fatigue often report that they are easily overwhelmed, that they have difficulty being organized and efficient in their daily activities, and that they have difficulty meeting deadlines or getting things done on time. Activities that used to be automatic now require more effort so that the patients become exhausted even performing routine tasks.

Complications of Primary Infection

Another milder form of chronic active infection (CEBV) affects mainly adults and often starts with IM lasting for months to years. 5 Patients are heavily impaired in daily life by chronic and relapsing mononu-cleosis-like symptoms often associated with malaise, fatigue, and hepatosplenomegaly. A role in the pathogen-esis of EBV for the chronic fatigue syndrome (CFS) has not been proven.

Conclusions And Future Directions

Overall, although only a limited number of well-controlled outcome studies are available (see Nezu et al., 2001), the available research does underscore the significant potential of CBT as an efficacious treatment approach for MUS and related functional disorders (i.e., chronic fatigue syndrome, fibromyalgia, and noncardiac chest pain). Specifically, CBT has demonstrated benefits in significantly improving the physical symptoms and psychological health of these patients.

Influence of Exercise Training on Energy Balance

Not all athletes are able to correctly identify goals that are suitable for their sport and for their individual make-up. This can lead to various problems, including excessive restriction of energy intake in an attempt to achieve an unrealistically low body mass. If energy intake is too low, and especially if carbohydrate intake is inadequate, it may not be possible to sustain the training load without the risk of chronic fatigue, injury and illness. If an energy deficit is incurred, it may lead to changes in metabolic and hormonal function, which affect performance, growth and health. One outcome of low energy availability in female athletes is a disturbance of reproductive function and menstrual regularity. Other problems are likely to occur in male athletes. There is a real danger that the focus on achieving a specific body mass and body composition, may become more important than achieving success in competition.

Diseases as Clinical Findings and Explanatory Accounts

A specific set of symptoms, for example, can be identified as a case of chronic fatigue. Diagnoses of syndromes, of recurrent patterns of signs and symptoms, allow predictions to be made (prognoses) as well as the management of outcomes (therapy). Such predictions and attempts at therapy can succeed even in the absence of causal explanations.

Skinners Descriptive Behavior Operant Conditioning Theory

Is that it must be considered as a condition that is qualitatively different, as well as quantitatively different, from the state of wakefulness (cf., dual-arousal model - refers to the physiological relationship between sleep and wakefulness where the arousal function involves two nerve pathways the diffuse tha-lamic system and the reticular activating system the model indicates that the two systems permit the brain to operate in a dual manner, one for stimulus-processing and the other for executing responses). There are active mechanisms controlling sleep just as there are active mechanisms controlling arousal during wake-fulness. Sleep should be considered not as one collection but as two separate ones where quiet sleep (or NREM sleep) and active sleep (or REM sleep) constitute the duality of sleep. Estimates suggest that people spend nearly a third of their lives sleeping. Laboratory studies indicate that most individuals find it difficult to stay awake for more than 60 hours,...

Elevated Venous Pressure The Cardinal Sign of Heart Failure

As was explained in Chapter 14, a decrease in contractility moves the cardiac function curve down and to the right, as shown in Fig. 1. The immediate effect is a rise in venous pressure and a decrease in cardiac output. The decreased cardiac output causes these patients to have the characteristic symptoms of a limited capacity for physical activity and chronic fatigue. A rise in venous pressure is a key feature of the failure syndrome and is the most prominent clinical sign of a failing heart. The elevated venous pressure distends the veins and thus raises the capillary pressure, leading to fluid filtration into the tissue. This combination is often referred to as venous congestion. In fact, the edema from the venous congestion may be more of a threat to the patient than the reduced cardiac output. There are two sides to the heart, and either may fail independently. Venous pressure rises in the side of the heart that is failing thus, if the left ventricle fails, then pressure will be...

Epsteinbarr Virus Infectious Mononucleosis

Following the asymptomatic incubation, EBV can produce a wide array of illnesses. Classic infectious mononucleosis is manifested by fever, exudative pharyngitis, lymphadenopathy, splenomegaly, and an atypical lymphocytosis. Infants and young children frequently have asymptomatic infections. A prodrome of malaise, fatigue, and fever may be present for several days before the onset of the symptoms in classic mononucleosis. An elevated liver transaminase level is uniformly found in mononucleosis. Hepatomegaly and jaundice are unusual in children and young adults, but common in older adults. A severe sore throat is a common presenting complaint, and the appearance may be of a severe bilateral exudative tonsillitis pharyngitis. Bilateral tender cervical adenopathy is virtually universal. At some point in the illness, approximately half of the patients will have palpable splenomegaly. Splenomegaly is most prominent during week 2 of illness and then resolves over the next 1 to 2 weeks. The...

Modulation Of Alertness

Foods, such as warm milk, turkey, or bananas, facilitate sleep. Turkey and bananas have a known direct physiological effect They are good dietary sources of tryptophan, which is a precursor chemical for serotonin. Milk also contains tryptophan, but the quantities are lower The value of milk, particularly, warm milk, could well have more to do with stimulus-induced expectations (the warm milk might be a conditioned stimulus, associated with a bedtime routine). Nevertheless, although a banana at bedtime might improve sleep quality (which might perhaps impact alertness the following day), it is not obvious that a banana at breakfast would make a person less alert. Indeed, there is evidence that it might improve alertness. Dietary supplements of tryptophan are reported to be useful to reduce the symptoms of depression, including psychomotor retardation. Glucose is an important substance for neural functioning. Because there are no stores of glucose in the brain, availability in the blood...

Bdv And Human Disease

There have been no large, controlled prevalence studies. Furthermore, methods for diagnosis of human infection are not standardized thus, it is difficult to pursue meta-analysis. Most reports suggesting an association between BDV and human disease have focused on neuropsychiatric disorders, including unipolar depression, bipolar disorder, or schizophrenia however, BDV has also been linked to chronic fatigue syndrome, AIDS encephalopathy, multiple sclerosis, motor neuron disease, and brain tumors (glioblastoma multiforme) (Tables II and III). The improbably broad spectrum of candidate disorders has led some investigators to propose that infection is ubiquitous, and, that in some disorders, elevation of serum antibody titers or the presence of viral transcripts in peripheral blood mononuclear cells or neural tissues reflects generalized (AIDS) or localized (glioblastoma multiforme) immunosuppression.

Cognitive Formulation

As implied in the above discussion of comorbidity, anger, depression and malaise, and other emotional states are common correlates of health anxiety. These states, in turn, may give rise to other psychological conditions, such as chronic fatigue (see Iezzi et al., 2001). Thus, it is easy to observe the self-perpetuating manner in which the affective conditions associated with health anxiety interact. For example, the patient who believes he is about to die from hypothermia is likely to experience sadness and hopelessness, anger toward healthy others, and (once he believes he has successfully avoided death for the time being) apprehension with regard to other life situations. Repeated exposure to these feelings increases their duration and places the patient at increased risk for subsequent cognitive distortion. Negative moods, such as anxiety and depression, may contribute to the activation of memories of similar experiences in the past through the process of state-dependent learning.

Biofeedbackassisted Cultivated Low Arousal Relaxation Procedures

Biofeedback or applied psychophysiology (AP) has been most frequently used to assist in the attainment of a relaxed physiological and psychological state. Schwartz has labeled the many procedures aimed at accomplishing this task as cultivated low arousal.'' The paradigm driving these applications is based on the assumption that many disorders (often called functional disorders) in modern medicine are the result of the sympathetic nervous system and the hypotha-lamic-pituitary-adrenaline (HPA) system being driven to excessive levels over a long period of time. Disorders included in this list are many hypertension, headache, irritable bowel syndrome, back pain, asthma, noncardiac chest pain, fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue syndrome, temporomandibular disorder, and perhaps the somatic symptoms of anxiety disorders. Whereas the evidence related to etiology is mixed with regard to most of these disorders, the treatment protocols described next have been fairly successful in reducing or...

Chronic Lyme Encephalopathy

Unfortunately, hypoperfusion in these brain regions is not specific to Lyme disease. Similar SPECT findings have been reported in other conditions that have symptoms similar to LE, such as depression and chronic fatigue syndrome. Although some investigators argue that the pattern of hypoperfusion in LE may differ from that seen in other disorders, current quantitative SPECT studies have not yet been done. Therefore, SPECT alone is not sufficient in diagnosing LE.

Miscellaneous Applications

A rather large number of NF practitioners are claiming significant improvement in clients diagnosed with chronic fatigue syndrome and in many diagnosed with fibromyalgia. Such reports have gained considerable attention because these disorders have proven difficult to treat through traditional medical procedures. Several years ago it was often reported that chronic fatigue syndrome was characterized by abnormally high amplitude EEG slow waves, especially at frontal sites, and NF treatment was designed to increase activation (raise b amplitude) at those sites. More recently, however, there seems to be disagreement among even experienced practitioners, who report that other abnormalities are common in chronic fatigue syndrome, including generalized EEG slowing, generally low EEG amplitudes, and unusual variability of brain electrical activity.

Clinical Description of Infection

These viruses are ubiquitous and frequently reactivate. Proof that viral replication is causal in specific disease associations is usually lacking. The greatest attention has focused on links between HHV-6A and multiple sclerosis and HHV-7 and the skin rash pityriasis rosea. Links between HHV-6 HHV-7 and chronic fatigue syndrome have not been substantiated by molecular techniques.

Cellmediated Food Allergies

Celiac disease, also known as gluten-sensitive enteropathy, is the one illness that seems likely to involve a cellmediated mechanism. Celiac disease occurs in certain individuals following the ingestion of wheat, rye, barley, triticale, and perhaps oats. Although the mechanism of celiac disease is not completely understood, an immunocy-totoxic reaction mediated by intestinal lymphocytes is probable. On ingestion of proteins from the offending grains, the absorptive cells of the small intestinal epithelium are damaged and the absorptive function of the small intestine is severely compromised, resulting in a malabsorption syndrome. The symptoms of celiac disease include diarrhea, bloating, weight loss, anemia from inadequate iron absorption, bone pain from impaired calcium absorption, chronic fatigue, weakness, muscle cramps, and, in children, failure to gain weight and growth retardation. The prevalence of celiac disease in the U.S. is not precisely known but is thought to be about 1...

Neurological and musculoskeletal disease

Migraine is a very difficult symptom to describe and has many causes. It is familial and many people describe migraine that is related to foods. Whether it is due to direct effects of molecules that are in the food or an immunological reaction to the food is difficult to establish. The same is true for arthralgia. I am not aware of any double-blind studies that have shown an association between arthralgia and food. The association of foods with symptoms such as ME (myalgic encephalomyelitis) is very difficult to prove or disprove.

Disorders Of Alertness

Fatigue is a deficit in alertness, which is a normal response following physical or mental exertion and instructs the body to rest and repair. Fatigue is a symptom of many illnesses, which reflects in part the importance of rest in recuperation from illness. However, there are occasions, such as after resting, when fatigue is inappropriate and, when alertness is required, debilitating. If such unexplained fatigue is persistent and is accompanied by other symptoms (such as sleeping problems, depression, concentration or memory problems, headache, sore throat, swelling of the lymph nodes, and muscle or joint pain) it is likely to be diagnosed as chronic fatigue syndrome.

Considering environmental factors

Endometriosis is related to environmental contamination. Dioxin, one of the first pollutants scientists studied, is an example (see the sidebar Understanding dioxin exposure earlier in this chapter) of an environmental effect on endometriosis. Likewise, scientists can link pollutants to multiple sclerosis, lupus, thyroid disease, chronic fatigue syndrome, fibromyalgia, and even cancer.

Understanding your immune systems role in endometriosis

The answer may lie in the immune system. The study of the immune system and its relation to endometriosis and other immune-related diseases (such as lupus, fibromyalgia, and chronic fatigue syndrome) has rapidly progressed in the last decade. The immune system does seem to play a role in endometriosis.


The converse of mania is depression, and psychomotor retardation is one of the cardinal symptoms of depressive disorder. Psychomotor retardation is manifest as poverty of movements, generalized lethargy, and inertia. There appears to be a loss of motivation, with a consequent decline in productivity, which might be described as mental and physical fatigue.


Serotonin is synthesized in the central nervous system and is involved in the regulation of mood and sleep. In addition it is found in high quantities in neurons in the gastrointestinal tract where it is involved in regulation of gut motility. Tryptophan competes with BCAAs for transport across the blood-brain barrier and the ratio between trypto-phan and BCAAs therefore determines the uptake of both (groups of) amino acids by the brain (see section on BCAAs). Since albumin has a strong tryptophan-binding capacity, the plasma albumin concentration is inversely related to the plasma concentration of free tryptophan and as such influences the BCAA to tryp-tophan ratio and hence the brain uptake of both BCAAs and tryptophan. It has been suggested that increased plasma AAAs (tyrosine, phenylalanine, and tryptophan) levels in patients with liver failure are caused by the inability of the liver to degrade these amino acids. The resulting change in the ratio between AAA and BCAA plasma...


Interactions and physical fatigue from loading and maintaining balance. The interaction between animals and the individuals' response to transport can greatly affect how cattle cope with transport stress, thus necessitating attention to behavior. Cattle have definitive social hierarchies placing individual cows above or below their herd mates. When cows within this social order are confined in a trailer and unable to distance themselves from each other, aggression often results in the form of increased head-butting, pushes, and fights. Similarly, unfamiliar animals that have not established a social order will often interact aggressively. Kenny and Tarrant 4 demonstrated that transporting a higher density of cattle resulted in a reduced appearance of such interactions. Such a strategy offers obvious financial benefits (i.e., fewer trips for more animals). Higher stocking densities result in reduced aggressive behaviors, most likely because the animals are less able to move. Despite...


The understandable reluctance of many physicians to make formal somatoform diagnoses suggests that current data may underestimate the true prevalence of unexplained medical symptoms. In addition, many patients with diagnoses such as chronic fatigue syndrome, fibromyalgia, and noncardiac chest pain may be more appropriately viewed as having somatoform illness.


Complex defense mechanisms, learned in the milieu of the emotional and physical fatigue of training and practice, frequently lead to a blunting of one's ability to respond to deep personal feelings. The most common complaint from physician families entering counseling is that the physician member is emotionally unreachable, if not physically absent.

Whats in a Name

In addition to its myeloablative effects, HDC is extremely toxic to other tissues with dividing cells, such as the gastrointestinal tract, the skin, and the hair follicles. Acute toxicities include cramping and dysfunction in the gastrointestinal tract, mouth sores, nausea, diarrhea, rashes, and fatigue. Total hair loss is very common but varies with the type of chemotherapy used. Severe organ toxicity is less common but can be fatal. The lungs are particularly sensitive to some drugs (e.g., vincristine in the Solid Tumor Autologous Marrow Program I regimen), and life-threatening interstitial pneumonitis can occur, resulting in fluid accumulation and reduced blood oxygen. Other severe adverse effects may include liver damage and inflammation of the bladder. Cardiac events occur more often with HDC. For these reasons, patients who underwent HDC ABMT were usually hospitalized for several weeks and sometimes for months if complications occurred. During hospitalization, patients were at...


The majority of studies addressing outcome in somatoform illness have concentrated either on conversion disorder or on somatization disorder, and research explicitly addressing other forms of somatoform illness is rare. It is nevertheless likely that studies investigating the outcome of conditions such as chronic fatigue syndrome, fibromyalgia, irritable bowel syndrome, and chronic pain conditions are implicitly addressing other aspects of somatoform illness. A review of the substantial literature concerning these conditions is beyond the scope of this article.

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