Testimonial Psychotherapy

The refugee population is gaining increased recognition as a population that is susceptible to the development of PTSD. Testimonial psychotherapy has been developed as a symptom-based treatment for war-related PTSD (Weine, Kulenovic, Pavkovic, & Gibbons, 1998). Employed in small groups of people who have experienced this treatment, it accesses individuals' traumatic experiences and integrates their own story into a collection of stories including all of the refugees who shared their experiences. Among refugees it encompasses an effort to piece together the history of their culture as it has survived efforts at destruction. The goal is to review in great detail the elements of the trauma history while focusing on keeping important aspects of history and culture alive. Clearly there is a strong component of exposure therapy included in testimonial therapy, but it also incorporates meaning and highlights purpose in the refugees' lives. In a clinical trial, testimonial therapy significantly reduced PTSD diagnoses and symptom severity at posttreatment assessment in a group of refugees from Bosnia-Herzegovina (Weine et al., 1998).

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Eliminating Stress and Anxiety From Your Life

Eliminating Stress and Anxiety From Your Life

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