This article is based in part on fieldwork made possible by doctoral research grants from Wenner-Gren and the National Science Foundation and was written while supported by a Richard Carley Hunt Fellowship from Wenner-Gren. I also wish to acknowledge the institutional support during fieldwork of the Haut-Commissariat de la République en Polynésie Française and the Centre Polynésien des Sciences Humaines in Tahiti. For help thinking through the intellectual problems of this particular article, my thanks go to Nicholas Thomas, John Kirkpatrick, and especially Robert Suggs, who at very short notice read and provided comments on a draft (though, of course, I retain all responsibility for any errors to be found here). Also, as always, my gratitude for the ka'oha of a number of people around the world but especially in French Polynesia is boundless: Bambi Schieffelin, Vincent Crapanzano, Neil Shepard, Pierre Ottino, Robert and Denise Koenig, Vaha Teikitekahioho (in memoriam), Heidy Baumgartner-Lesage, Yvonne Katupa, Tracy Smith, Moi Tamarii, Manu Teikikaine, Noella Teikivaeoho, Tapu Poihipapu, Teresi Pahuatini, andpaotu te to'iki 'i Hatiheu. I would like to dedicate this article to Lucien Roo Kimitete (1952-2002): 'O te haka'iki, 'e, 'e, 'e, 'e, 'e, 'e, 'e, 'e, 'e!

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Pregnancy And Childbirth

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