Attainment of Adulthood

Only for girls is there a publicly marked ritual of entrance into adulthood. The celebration consists of a mass to thank God followed by a fiesta (Napolitano, 1997, p. 281). Originally, this ritual was only celebrated by the upper and upper-middle class and served the purpose of presenting a now marriageable girl to society (LeVine, 1993, p. 60; Napolitano, 1997, p. 281). According to LeVine (1993, p. 60), this custom was adopted by the middle class after the Mexican Revolution (1917), and by the 1950s working-class parents had also begun to celebrate the fiesta de quinceanos. Today, upper- and middle-class Mexicans often prefer not to celebrate the ritual and instead opt for expensive presents like a car or a trip to Europe (Napolitano, 1997, p. 282). Among the working class and in rural areas the celebration is very common. Girls are proud to be honored in such a way (LeVine, 1993, p. 77; Napolitano, 1997). However, their new status also involves more restrictions on a girl's freedom (Napolitano, 1997, p. 290). The fear that a girl may lose her virginity is countered by protecting and watching her as much as possible until she marries. Ideally, with marriage or a consensual union, a woman advances another step in her attainment of adulthood, but this passage may be viewed as completed only with motherhood. For boys, the attainment of adulthood is even more gradual than for girls. In rural areas at least, a young man has not reached full adult status until he is married or living with a woman in a consensual union.

Pregnancy And Childbirth

Pregnancy And Childbirth

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