Attainment of Adulthood

Transition to adulthood usually entails becoming engaged and marrying, between the ages of about sixteen to the early twenties. With adulthood, both men and women are expected to be serious and responsible in their full-time work inside and outside their homes, to provide well for their families, to move into their own home, and to begin to sponsor rituals expected of families, either baki or Christian. Having children confers greater responsibilities for men and women, as well as more social esteem and recognition as adults. Adult elder siblings are responsible for providing emotional and financial support to their younger siblings. Attending college as a single person can also confer adulthood, since college students are viewed as being engaged in a serious professional pursuit as well as living on their own. A person who does not marry but takes on adult work responsibilities, and, for some women, has a child, is also recognized as an adult. While Ifugao adults typically establish their own families, they are expected to request and usually follow the advice of their parents throughout their adult lives.

Pregnancy And Childbirth

Pregnancy And Childbirth

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