Boyhood and Coming of

Rites of passage into manhood vary cross-culturally but often include common elements relevant to war preparation. Gilmore (1990, pp. 11-20) argues that a broad sweep of cultures reflect the central theme that men are made, not born. Men must take actions, undergo ordeals, or pass tests in order to become men. In rites of passage, only select men can achieve "manhood," and it must be won individually. Rituals typically inflict pain on adolescent males and force them not to cry out, on pain of lifelong shame if they fail. In some especially war-prone societies, men have had to kill an enemy to be considered a man or to marry. In others, near-universal male conscription marks a passage to manhood. These various passages, based on passing harsh tests bravely, adapt males for war (Goldstein, 2001, pp. 264-267).

Pregnancy And Childbirth

Pregnancy And Childbirth

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