Change in Attitudes Beliefs and Practices Regarding Gender

The most significant changes have occurred in conjunction with the shift away from the traditional Yupik cultural and economic system and toward the American mixed-market system, the adoption of Christianity, and the institution of American-style public schooling. In other words, Yupik society is in the ongoing process of modernizing and becoming a full participant in the globalizing world system. Men and women work for wages, increasingly depend on the media for ideas about how men and women should behave toward each other, respond to notions about consumption of "male" and "female" products, draw conclusions about "love and marriage" from the American media, and seek educational opportunities away from their home communities and are thus influenced by all of the non-Native cultures that they encounter once they leave home. These changes are so numerous and comprehensive that it is impossible to detail them all. And, it is ongoing.

Pregnancy And Childbirth

Pregnancy And Childbirth

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