Change in Attitudes Beliefs and Practices Regarding Gender

All villages have elementary schools nearby. However, if boys or girls wish to continue their studies they must travel away from their home village and enter a mission school in a town. Some young women travel to large cities where they obtain employment as domestic servants or factory workers. Some of these women will return to the villages to marry and raise families. Others may marry in the city, and visit their rural relatives on occasion. Many of the women who remain in the city will never marry. Some take up residence together when they become elderly. In 1990 some elderly Tukanoan women had taken up residence together in the outskirts of the city to which they had migrated as girls. In 1982 Tukanoan urban migrant women formed an association known as the Associagao de Mulheres do Alto Rio Negro (AMARN). It is the first indigenous women's association and the longest-running autonomous indigenous organization in Brazil.

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Legitimate Online Jobs

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