Change in Attitudes Beliefs and Practices Regarding Gender

In urban China the gradual expansion of women's influence within the home has enabled contemporary women to achieve a sphere of power and domestic independence faster than had been the case in their mother's generation.

In the countryside the increasing value of female labor combined with a shortage of female marriage partners (due to the preference for male children) has led to rapid inflation in marriage-related expenditure by the groom's family but not by the bride's family. Before 1949, wife-givers incurred the major expense involved in marriage and families with more daughters than sons tended to become poorer. Now families fall into debt if they have more sons than daughters (Min Han, 2001, pp. 147-167).

There is a pronounced expansion of women's rights and overall respect that is as much due to the government one-child policy as it is to the expansion of economic consumerism and with it a greater emphasis on individuality.

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Pregnancy And Childbirth

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