Coping Styles

Women's social status, in interaction with personality dispositions, may create a modal "feminine" coping style. In responding to challenges, great and small, women show a greater tendency to express emotions and seek social support. Long (1990) showed that women are more prone to use emotionally oriented coping and seek more social support in stressful situations when compared with men. Pearlin and Schooler (1978) reported that men use more effective coping strategies than women, and Folkman and Lazarus (1980) found that, on the job, men show a tendency to use more problem-oriented strategies than women. Ilfeld (1980) suggested that women use more resignation and rationalization than men and are less prone to use direct action. All these findings fit traditional stereotypes about women's and men's roles in society (Ptacek, Smith, & Zanas, 1992).

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