Correlates of Extramarital Sexual Behavior

Extramarital sexual activity is predictably associated with other sexual attitudes and practices. Where extramarital sex for males is uncommon or absent, sexual relationships include foreplay and women tend to have a say in the choice of a marriage partner. These correlations suggest that where marital relationships are characterized by choice and intimacy, males do not look outside marriage for sexual gratification. However, extramarital sex for males is also absent in societies where female modesty is valued, rape is punished but also present, and wife-beating is common. These associations suggest that the absence of sexual activity outside marriage on the part of males reflects a certain hostility toward, or at least devaluing of, women more generally. Where extramarital sex for wives is uncommon or absent, males are likely to be sexually aggressive and even hostile in their sexual approaches to women (Broude, 1975). This set of relationships may represent a reluctance on the part of women to engage males in sexual activity simply because male sexual aggression is an experience that women wish to avoid when possible.

Pregnancy And Childbirth

Pregnancy And Childbirth

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