Courtship and Marriage

There is usually direct negotiation between the parents of the potential bride and groom with the parents or father of the young man taking the lead. Gifts are brought with the expectation that the initial visits may result in no agreement. This symbolically expresses that the young woman and her family are to be respected, and that the young man's family should expect to prove their seriousness. When an agreement is reached, including with the young woman since no one should be married by force, a more substantial gift is made to the bride (muhul), and an additional agreement is reached on the period of bride service (haankaab) that the groom will provide to his parents-in-law (Villa Rojas, 1945, pp. 87-89). Today, most couples have a religious wedding ceremony as well as a civil one, mirroring Mexican national practice. The padrinos or godparents of both spouses will usually be present at one or both, and will publicly lecture the young couple on the responsibilities of marriage and the role of each spouse. When one chooses compadres to be padrinos for one's child, it is in part with this day's function in mind.

Pregnancy And Childbirth

Pregnancy And Childbirth

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