Courtship and Marriage

Although there are reports of the practice of child betrothal in earlier times, contemporary Glebo marriage requires the consent of both parties. A period of engagement, symbolized by the man placing a sliver of bamboo in his intended's hair, was followed by a trial period during which the couple lived together to "get to know each other's ways" (Innes, 1966). A series of gift exchanges, with specific payments to the brides' mother, constitute bridewealth and may continue for many years. Husbands and wives who have been together for decades may disagree publicly on whether or not they are "really married yet;" it is in the wife's interest to assert that all the payments are not complete. On the other hand, a wealthy man who makes a big show of bringing "two bulls" (or their cash equivalent) to his father-in-law can expect a lavish feast and high prestige for both his wife and himself. Civilized Christian Glebo aspire to a "white wedding" in a church with Western-style dresses, attendants, printed programs, and a cake-and-punch reception afterwards.

Pregnancy And Childbirth

Pregnancy And Childbirth

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