Courtship and Marriage

Marriage patterns in Hungary have slowly changed over the past few decades so that few couples marry before age 20, more couples live together prior to marriage or without any expectation of marrying, and more couples have their first child before marriage. Up until the 1980s, the average age for women to become engaged was 17 or 18; for men it was their early twenties. By the mid-1990s, only 18-20% of Hungarian women married before age 20, primarily due to the expansion of educational opportunities for women (Toth, 1999b). In 1998, the average marriage age for women was 26.7, while for men it was 29.7 (Pongracz & Toth, 1999). Despite waiting longer, most Hungarians marry at least once during their lifetime and remarriage after divorce or the death of a spouse is not uncommon, although less frequent today than a few decades ago (Toth, 1999b).

In addition, although marriage itself may be modernizing in Hungary, the phrases used in Hungarian to talk about getting married continue to emphasize its hierarchical nature. When a woman marries, the verb used is ferjhez megy, to go to a husband, while men either elvesz, buy a woman, or elnosttl, get "womaned."

Pregnancy And Childbirth

Pregnancy And Childbirth

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