Cultural Construction of Gender

The recognized gender categories are male and female. The existence of intersex people plays no role in public, although awareness is slowly growing. Some transvestites have gained media fame, for example, Lilo Wanders as the moderator of the sex show Wa(h)re Liebe (True Love/Love as Consumer's Item) on Private TV. Cross-dressing is very popular during Carnival. In primary schoolbooks the men are pictured as earning the family income, whereas women stay at home, preparing hearty meals and caring for the children. This is surprising, since the laws have been much more progressive for decades, and offer the opportunity for both mothers and fathers to take paid leave of absence from work for childcare until the child's second birthday.

Apart from make-up and skirts, there are few differences between genders. Even same types of make-up and dyed hair can be seen in ultra-fashionable youths at techno music parties, like the millions of so-called "ravers" attracted to the "Love Parade" in Berlin or the "Street Parade" in Zurich. Shaving of the body hair has slowly become fashionable with women, and more slowly by men, though only a minority wear beards. Piercings and tattoos are in favor with both genders, if done at all. However, the more conservative and/or distinguished people have more traditional visual gender differences, such as short hair for men and long hair or permanent waves for women (regarded as feminine and sexually attractive). When it comes to certain hair colors and body shapes, opinion polls show that all types of hair color, breast sizes, and figures are accepted, with the exception of the obese. However, nearly half of German men would prefer a blonde women for sex, although there is no clear preference when it comes to a future wife. German women seem to prefer a dark complexion in men.

How To Become The Girl Men Adore

How To Become The Girl Men Adore

If you asked most women today what type of girl men adore and couldn't live without they would answer the she would have to be an Angelina Jolie lookalike or at the very least be blond, blue-eyed and have killer legs. While this type of woman would definitely attract a lot of attention, she actually the type of woman that men adore.

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