Cultural Construction of Gender

Spanish gender categories "male" (varĂ³n) and female (hembra) rest on the biological distinctions of the two sexes and are familiar to Americans and Europeans. Spanish usage also distinguishes males and females at different stages of the life cycle, and these differences correspond generally to behavior common to or expected of people at a given stage.

Standards of male and female dress at various ages are generally Western and familiar to Americans and Europeans. In past times, as in the rest of Europe, gendered dress styles in Spain varied more systematically with age than they do today. Styles of dress and grooming have always been subject to the play of fashion and thus have always been prone to various degrees of change. Concern for dress and grooming in the styles of the moment have always been at their height among young men and women at the age of courtship and among married adults of the middle and elite classes, for whom the display of fashion awareness and material wealth are deeply important.

Pregnancy And Childbirth

Pregnancy And Childbirth

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