Cultural Construction of Gender

Gender among the Yuquiis clearly defined as male and female, without other gender categories. Homosexuality may be practiced from time to time by the Yuqu,i among both men and women, but this behavior is usually seen as sexual play and is most frequent among children. No sanction is levied against homosexual activity, which may occur occasionally among adults, especially when members of the opposite sex are unavailable.

Prior to contact, Yuqui women plucked their eyebrows and brow hairs from the forehead, giving them the appearance of balding men. Following contact, this practice was discontinued, although older women, who had plucked their hair for many years, usually have few eyebrow hairs and abnormally high foreheads. Men cut the hair across their foreheads into 'bangs" using bamboo slivers. Today, men cut their hair short, in the Western fashion, and women may cut their hair short or braid it in the style of many Bolivian peasant women. Yuquiwomen also wore baby slings that marked their gender, something that a man would never do. If men transported children, they would do so by carrying them on their shoulders with the child clinging to their hair to keep from falling.

Pregnancy And Childbirth

Pregnancy And Childbirth

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