Cultural Constructions of Gender

Kalymnos is similar to the rest of Greece insofar as constructions of gender are heavily influenced by Greek Orthodox Christianity. Ideal gender images are closely tied to marital and reproductive roles. To be a complete man or woman you must be married with children. Older and married women tend to wear modest dress. Widowed men, and particularly widowed women, are traditionally expected to wear black for the rest of their lives. Until recently, sexual attractiveness was only a concern for unmarried women. Western influences and tourism have had some impact on dress styles, appearance, and make-up, especially among youth, and affect ongoing debates about proper/improper swimwear and beach decor. While dark hair is the norm, blond hair, because of its association with Western Europe, is often desired in both men and women. One woman described her newborn blonde granddaughter to me as having "specification from the European Union."

Pregnancy And Childbirth

Pregnancy And Childbirth

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