Cultural Overview Linguistic and Cultural Identifiers

Speakers of Hmoob Dawb or White Hmong call themselves Hmoob, whereas those who speak Moob Leeg (no English translation) refer to themselves as Moob. The presence versus the absence of preaspirated nasals is only one of the many differences, phonological, syntactic, and lexical, that distinguish these two major and, for the most part, mutually intelligible varieties of Hmong spoken in Laos and North America. Common ethnonyms used by outsiders for Hmong are Meo (in Laos, Thailand, and Vietnam) and Miao (in China).1 The latter term is a general "nationality" label that applies to a number of groups with distinct languages and cultures (Schein, 2000). Western reporters who covered Laos during the Vietnam War followed the lead of Lao sources in using the denigrating term Meo when writing about the seemingly exotic Hmong or Mong.

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