In the past, even when a marriage was not satisfactory, divorce was uncommon. Divorce itself was a recognized feature of the society, but it was instituted by the husband's family or the wife's family for specific reasons. The husband's family might initiate a divorce if the young woman was infertile or lazy (i.e., if she failed to perform the necessary food-management and sewing tasks required of a woman). The wife's parents might initiate a divorce (or a temporary "pulling back" in order to renegotiate the terms of the marriage) if the husband was abusive or if he failed to provide her with food and shelter. If the divorce became permanent and there were children from the marriage, the children remained with the husband's family since, through the patrilineal system, they belonged to the husband's "side."

In contemporary society, there are two types of divorce. The first is traditional and includes leaving the children with the husband's family. The second type is through the American legal system and involves going through the courts and accepting whatever decision about the placement of children is mandated by the court. Either husband or wife can initiate this process. While a few divorces do take place, divorce is still uncommon in the communities. The reasons for divorce include infidelity, problems with alcohol, and problems with abusiveness. These same problems often precipitate divorce in other American families.

Pregnancy And Childbirth

Pregnancy And Childbirth

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