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Norms of premarital sex across cultures also reliably predict the number of unmarried boys and girls who actually engage in sexual activity. The patterns are similar for boys and girls, although there are fewer societies in which premarital sex is universal for girls and more in which almost no girls engage in premarital sex. All or most unmarried males have at least some premarital sexual experience in 60% of 107 societies. Premarital sex is practiced by many but not most males in 18% of the sample. In 10% of the 107 cultures, some unmarried boys engage in sexual relations. But in those cultures, premarital sex is not typical. Finally, premarital sex for boys is rare in 12% of the sample. All, or almost all, unmarried girls engage in premarital sex in 49% of a sample of 114 societies. In 17% of the sample, many, but not most or all, girls have sexual relations before marriage. Premarital sex for girls occurs occasionally in 14% of the sample, while in 20% of these cultures, premarital sex is rare or absent for girls (Broude & Greene, 1976).

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