Future Perspectives and Change

Statistics show a slow but evident increase of women managers in organizations. Leadership and management roles for both sexes will change in the future as organizations change, and become lean or anorectic. Competition for top positions will tighten in the future, so will there be room for the participative leadership that women have been seen to portray? Women make good experts. This is something that should be rewarded, and encouraged in the future. Expertise is an important strength and resource in turbulent times. It is worth trying out new spheres, as so-called traditional spheres are prone to change.

A social exchange analysis would suggest that, because men are those who have occupied the most powerful positions in organizations and have most to lose if the status quo is disturbed, a male hegemony within an organization is naturally quite resistant to change (Gough, 1998). Change will not occur automatically but requires positive action which provides women with the opportunity to break the glass ceiling to advancement and the glass wall to equality of access. As Alvesson and Due Billing (1997) state, there are reasons to be skeptical about radical changes taking place in organizations leading to substantial requirements for female skills or female managers. Much of the talk is rhetoric and behind superficial changes there is often much less actual change (Cala and Smircich, 1993). Moore and Vianello (2000) claim that men's near-monopoly of powerful positions will slowly continue to decline. They argue that women's elites are more likely to have less hierarchical and more post-materialist orientations than male elites, and women may actually make more effective leaders in the emerging society. However, there are individual differences among women managers, as well as differences in the demands that organizations put on their members. This should be kept in mind, because many female managers also face the demands of behaving in a stereotypically female way in situations where strategic fast decisions are made, those typically suited to males. Simplicity in organizational culture is less supportive of female leadership than is a culture with high tolerance of diversity of values, behavioral patterns, and self-reflectiveness.

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Pregnancy And Childbirth

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