Gender and Religion

There is no organized religion and no belief in an afterlife. There is a creation myth that explains how people came to be, and how there came to be different tribes. The sun (Ishoko) is female while the moon (Seta) is male. The stars are their children. The Hadza have a rich storytelling tradition. Stories are always told by men. There is a story about a woman long ago who was an expert hunter with bow and arrow. The men were getting none of the meat so they decided to sneak up and watch her and saw that she was eating meat. She saw them and gave them the epeme meat, certain special parts (heart, kidneys, genitals) of larger animals, so that they would go away. From then on, the epeme meat is only for men to eat.

There is a ritual epeme dance performed at night. It must be pitch black, with no moonlight or firelight. Men perform one at a time, stomping and singing and whistling to the women who sit and return their calls. The man attempts to rouse the women into getting up and twirling around him. The women try to guess who the man is through the call and shout, and his anonymity allows them to interact with him in a way they would not do otherwise, suggesting sexual overtones.

Pregnancy And Childbirth

Pregnancy And Childbirth

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