Gender and Religion

The Chinese folk cosmology reflects ordinary society. With the exception of the goddess of mercy or health (guanyin) and the mother ancestor (masu), the most significant deities are male (e.g., the war god (guan gong), the god of wealth (caitse), the earth god (tudi gong), the kitchen god (jiao yangye), and the laughing Buddha). The fox spirit is a mischievous female deity that assumed the shape of a pretty female in order to seduce men, killing them only after they had fallen in love with her.

At the community level, rural residents continue to practice ancestor worship (or reverence) that may or may not be linked to a lineage or ancestor association. Ancestor worship is based on the notion that there is an ongoing reciprocity between the living and the dead. At the level of the lineage, membership is determined by land and/or monetary contributions that are used to upkeep the ancestor hall. In this setting, only men occupy positions of leadership. In the family, ancestor reverence focuses only on immediate deceased kin or ancestors (i.e., those who have died in the last five generations). It is overseen entirely by women who are responsible for the upkeep of the family altars.

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