Gender and Religion

The religion of the majority, Roman Catholicism, offers careers to men in the clergy and monastic orders and to women as nuns. There are also lay groups for one or both sexes (some celibate, some not) which function widely in society, for example, in the field of education. However, only men can rise to the highest offices in the ecclesiastical hierarchy.

In traditional Catholic practice in some parts of Spain, women might visit the local church, chapel, or shrine more frequently than the men of their families.

Although this pattern varies, some observers have regarded it as part of a "division of labor" in which families are represented by their women in daily observance and by their men in the local political sphere. Since the Church has a significant political presence in Spain, there are and have long been contexts in which people—often men especially—feel their own political interests compromised by those of the Church or its local personnel. However, the sacraments and most solemn holidays remain important to all believers.

Gendered positions in religions other than the Roman Catholic are governed by the laws and traditions of those other churches, but, as minority religions, their practice does not produce dominant social patterns.

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