Gender and Religion

The Creator is referred to as Hahal Dios or Tohil K'u, "The True God," Ki'ickelem Yum, "Beautiful Father," Nohoc Tat, "Grandfather," or Jesu Christo, is symbolically associated with the sun, and is male. The moon, or Mama Luna, is female and often associated with the Virgin Mary. Both men and women can be prayer leaders as well as shamans. In some communities, public prayer groups, or novenas, are groups of women who pray together in the evenings, while in others, the prayers are attended by both genders. Men and women will also spend time praying in private, usually at altars in the home, or at an olatorio prayer structure outside the home or in the milpa. Women seem to be exclusively responsible for hol ce ceremonies where offerings of tortillas are placed in trees. Communities that have colonial period churches tend to have these as the focus for certain religious events, often led by women. The male hméen, or shaman, leads ceremonies in the woods (k'aas), in his home, or in other people's homes. The most important of these, the c'a caak rain ceremony, is a purely male event, with women still playing a significant role in preparing ritual foods brought to the ceremony by the men.

Pregnancy And Childbirth

Pregnancy And Childbirth

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