Gender and Religion

The extent of involvement of men and women in religious activities depends on the nature of the practiced religion. In Christian churches both genders attend in equal numbers, but men show a higher likelihood of serving as ministers and church council members. Women are usually responsible for the organization of community events, such as fundraisers and fellowship meetings. The same holds true for practitioners of the Yiguandao movement. Among Taiwanese Americans who are active practitioners of Buddhism, women are more likely to visit a temple and attend scripture reading groups. In addition, the charity organization Buddhist Compassion Relief Merit Foundation (Tzu-Chi/Ciji), which was founded by a nun in Taiwan and has since established branches all over the world, has a larger number of female than male members, especially among the ranks of active volunteers who visit hospitals and old people's homes and run fundraisers and bone marrow donation drives (Weller & Huang, 1998). In Taiwanese American homes that maintain a family altar to remember ancestors, it is mainly women who care for their upkeep. Women are also responsible for the construction and decoration of the home according to the rules of feng shui (wind and water alignment).

Pregnancy And Childbirth

Pregnancy And Childbirth

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