Gender over the Life Cycle Socialization of Boys and Girls

Before the 1970s, education beyond primary school tended to be a luxury of the well-off on Kalymnos. Now it is desired by all groups as a strategy for upward mobility. Education is highly valued for both boys and girls, and both are expected to achieve at school, although matrilocality means that mothers also hope that at least one of their daughters will not get a job, but rather share household duties with them. Parents are eager to find traits of intelligence and diligence in young children, and will reinforce them by calling attention to them on a regular basis, while upbraiding children for perceived laziness. The word "shame" (dropi) is used to enculturate modest dress and expression in young girls, and to discourage rambunctious behavior in boys. While parents and other caretakers commonly make threats of beatings, these are rarely carried out. Grandparents play a major role as caretakers (see below), and tend to seek personality traits (such as intelligence) which they can claim to have passed on to their grandchildren.

Pregnancy And Childbirth

Pregnancy And Childbirth

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