Gender over the Life Cycle

The cultural names for stages in the life cycle are neutral: Neugeborenes (new born) up to the 10th day after birth, the neutral Säugling (baby) for children up to the 12th month of life, the neutral Kleinkind (toddler) or Spielkind (playing child) from age 2 to 5, the neutral Schulkind (schoolchild) or Schulmädchen (schoolgirl) and Schuljunge (schoolboy) from age 6 to 14, Jugendliche (female young person) and Jugendlicher (male young person) (also "Teenager") up to majority at 18, Erwachsene or Frau (female adult or woman) and Erwachsener or Mann (male adult or man), Greisin or Seniorin (very old woman), and Greis or Senior (very old man).

As in other Western postindustrial societies, there are only small traces of rites of passage left like baptism/ name-giving, first day in school, confirmation/initiation (the latter is the agnostic ceremony in which 14-year-olds are given adult social status), driver's license, school degree, entering the job market, and retirement. If they are marked at all, it is only by the appropriate Christian ceremony and by gifts. As in all modern states there are certain legal rights and obligations connected with each age.

Pregnancy And Childbirth

Pregnancy And Childbirth

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