Gender Roles in Economics

In addition to what was presented earlier, it is important to add that a harmonious home is typically characterized by conforming to the Maya ideal that each gender performs particular roles associated with that gender, and is responsible for making the two complementary. If there is access to a market, women tend to go more, either for purchasing items needed or to sell the fruits and vegetables that they grow. It has also become more common to see men leaving their communities and going to heavily tourist-populated areas in search of work so that they may provide for their families. This is also true for some women. They tend, like the men who migrate, to speak Spanish more fluently than the women who stayed in their communities. Women who have left their communities also often sell handmade hipiles or blouses in order to sustain their families. Teenage boys increasingly leave home to find work in the tourist industry. In general, boys are more likely to be wage earners than girls (Kintz, 1990, pp. 14-15, 32).

Pregnancy And Childbirth

Pregnancy And Childbirth

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