Gender Roles in Economics

Women and men work together in many complex activities like gardening, where men clear the sites, both genders plant and cultivate, and women generally harvest for the needs of the family. However, there are also gender-specific tasks. Men go hunting cooperatively quite often, it is mainly in groups of two or three who are often brothers-in-law. Women regularly hunt and gather on their trips through the forest together with some children. Although only men use the bow and arrow, the concept of hunting is not restricted to males. Women's crab-catching and fishing with bare hands is referred to as "hunting." Household activities are mainly the responsibility of women and their daughters, but older men or second husbands in polyandrous marriages often prepare food or clean up and other men also do so if necessary. Thus there is a strong tendency toward gender division of household activities, but there are no restrictions that would make it impossible for one sex to engage in certain activities.

As the central Yanomami are remote from markets, trading for metal tools or aluminum pots is of great importance. Exchange of commodities has a highly symbolic purpose. Whereas women were depicted as objects of exchange (Chagnon, 1977), an analysis of women's possessions identified them as being active in the exchange of objects (Herzog-Schröder, 2000, 2003). Women exchange objects with both men and women, but more so with women. Most exchange is with members of other local groups, chiefly with people they address in affinal kinship terms. In addition to economic necessity, the inherent aim of exchange is to build and reinforce social bonds on the metaphorical basis of affinity. Heritage is largely unknown to the Yanomami. To avoid reminiscence, talking about deceased persons is strictly taboo. All a person's possessions are destroyed after death.

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