Gender Roles in Economics

There is traditionally a division of labor in many subsistence activities. However, much of the work necessary to grow food in the gardens can and will be carried out jointly by men and women; often wife and husband work side by side. Offshore fishing is a typical job for the men; reef fishing and collecting seafood at low tide is typical for women. In some larger villages and the "town" of Losuia local markets cater for the needs of the increasing number of inhabitants who do not have access to gardens and the sea. Fish are typically sold by men in these markets, whereas women sell garden products and, in recent years, homemade bread, pastry, and the like. Exclusively men are carvers of artifacts, many of them artistically very appealing, and try to sell them to the few tourists. Wage Labor in tourism or other industries is performed by both women and men. One often finds Trobriand Islanders, recognizable by their bagi necklaces made of the same kind of Spondylus shells as the priceless soulava circulating in the kula system, in banks and other institutions in the national capital Port Moresby. Trobriand business men and politicians are male, except one high-ranking Trobriand woman who has, together with her Australian-born husband, started to take initiatives toward new forms of tourism and the building of cultural awareness among her people.

Pregnancy And Childbirth

Pregnancy And Childbirth

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