Gender Roles in Economics

As stated above, the traditional division of labor required men to work in occupations outside the home and women to carry out all work inside the home. In working-class families who migrated from Taiwan, women had to become wage laborers to make ends meet and save for the educational expenses of their children. In contrast, in many first-generation Taiwanese American middle-class families women do work mostly at home, take care of their children's upbringing, and are actively involved in community organizations. However, the few firstgeneration Taiwanese American women who were educated in the United States usually work in professional occupations comparable in pay and status to men after their children have entered middle school. Like men they work as doctors, dentists, engineers, computer analysts, and economic advisors. In addition, many initial home-makers, especially women whose husbands have returned to work in East Asia, work part-time jobs in the service sector of the ethnic economy, that is, as real estate agents or insurance brokers. Others run the American side of their husband's import-export business. If both husband and wife reside in the United States, the wife typically makes most decisions regarding the household's financial investments.

Members of the different groups of immigrant children, belonging to either the second generation or the "in-between-generation," usually experience equal employment opportunities for men and women based on their educational credentials and subsequent training.

Most women of these generations are employed or self-employed.

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Pregnancy And Childbirth

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