Gender Roles in Economics

In nomadic tribal groups, men herded the animals. Women milked animals and processed animal products, such as dairy products and wool, making cheese, yogurt, dried yogurt, and various woven products such as tents, saddlebags, rugs, and other textiles. Now, nomadic migrations are virtually a thing of the past. Families do not follow migrating herds, and men handle any animal movement with vehicles.

In agriculture, men generally prepared land, planted, and harvested, although in some areas, such as in rice- and tea-raising areas along the Caspian Sea, and harvesting nuts, women work in the fields. Otherwise, village women cared for children and home, processed and prepared food, and cared for and milked any animals. Generally men worked as traders or in shops. A few rural women, usually widows, did some buying and selling, minor money-lending, and perhaps sewing to earn a little money. Commonly, middle-class homes employed poorer girls and women as maids, often bringing them from villages. Girls and women knotted Persian carpets, although men usually arranged the marketing and managed carpet workshops. Other than knotted, woven, and knitted wool products, men monopolized arts and crafts such as metal and woodwork, silver work and jewelry, tiles, hand-printed cloth, tailoring, and handmade shoes. Now, villagers are less self-sufficent.

Pregnancy And Childbirth

Pregnancy And Childbirth

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