Gender the Patrilineal Descent System and Gender Symbols

The patrilineal descent system and the patrician structure provide the framework in which these relations, symbolic representations, and associated values operate and through which they are articulated. The gendered character of Yupik society is shaped by the division of subsistence task responsibilities between men and women and the complementary gender roles that grow out of this system, generating the symbols representative of each sex. For example, symbols associated with men such as the angyapik (walrus-hide hunting boat) derive from a man's role as a marine mammal hunter, particularly as a hunter of bowhead whales and polar bears. Symbols associated with women such as the qayuu-taq (serving tray or meal tray) and the ulaaq (woman's knife) derive from her role as household manager, especially the preparation, storage, distribution, and serving of subsistence foods along with subsistence-related sewing tasks.

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