Gender Related Social Groups

There is one social group that seems to be self-explanatory at first glance—mothers. However, since the law gives fathers the opportunity to care for a baby at home, but experience the same kind of "exclusion" from this group as women of childbearing age with no children, it may be assumed that it is not just the fact of being a mother that is the reason for a certain exclusiveness of this group. There is little research on this matter yet, but the so-called Muttergruppen (mother groups) that the majority of German mothers form show that at certain periods in the life cycle groups can become a major factor even in highly individualistic societies. The activities of these mother groups vary: some just meet at one mother's house, discussing child-raising issues and giving each other advice while watching the children play; others organize short trips or even lectures on education. A high degree of social control can be observed in all of them.

Every third German is a member of some kind of society, association, or club, most of which are open to both genders. However, clubs attract more men and associations more women.

Pregnancy And Childbirth

Pregnancy And Childbirth

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