Gender Related Social Groups

As noted above, the Tlingit were organized according to a matrilineal principle with two moieties: Eagle and Raven. These were perhaps the only social groups that were conceptualized as equal. Each moiety was divided into several clans and each clan into local clans. Within a town, local clans were generally also divided into multi-family houses. An individual was born into his or her mother's house, local clan, clan, and moiety. Each unit included rights and responsibilities, although the rank of the person determined the details of each.

While a baby was born into a clan house, it was not the physical house in which that child would live. Children lived with their parents in the house of the father. It was only when a boy left to live with his mother's brother that he took his permanent place in his own clan house. While a girl was strongly identified with her clan house, she was unlikely ever to live in it. She remained with her parents until her marriage and then lived in her husband's house. As an adult, however, she had important roles in her clan house and her rank was tied to it.

Pregnancy And Childbirth

Pregnancy And Childbirth

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