Gender Related Social Groups

The single most important social group in Hungary is the family, which refers to members of one's household who share ties of descent or alliance. Fully 85% of the population reside in families (Hungarian College of Catholic Bishops, 1999). Those who do not reside in the same household, whatever their biological relationship, are often referred to as relatives rather than family

(West, 2002). Hungarians do not recognize lineal or other forms of institutionalized extended kin groups. Nonetheless, much of the literature on Hungary from sociology, anthropology, and psychology refers to this society as both child centered and family centered. This is the result of a number of factors, from the traditional value on children to the recent economic downturn that has caused many domestic units to turn inward for respite against the vagaries of unemployment, inflation, and diminished social services (West, 2002). Although this has changed quite a bit since even the early 1990s, many households, or families, in Hungary in the recent past were multigen-erational (Buss, Beres, Hofstetter, & Pomidor, 1994). Even in the early 1990s, 75% of young married couples lived with either the bride's or groom's parents or grandparents (Toth, 1993); this figure is somewhat lower today with the advent of low-interest housing loans.

Other groups that are important in the lives of some Hungarian men are drinking groups, work circles, and peer groups developed during childhood and early adolescence. Hungarian women participate in fitness groups more than men, but less than men in work circles. Fewer women also maintain friendships across the entire life cycle (Reisman, 1990). As in most areas of gender difference, class, education, age, and region are very important in determining an individual's participation in these groups. For example, it is largely young urban women who take fitness classes.

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